Anette Kristensen - Jan Jaegergaard - Orbiloc

About us

A Danish entrepreneur story – built upon these values: Safety, Quality, Responsibility, Respect and Honesty.

Anette Kristensen and Jan Jægergaard have, for a number of years, worked for a joint life’s dream: To establish a company based on their shared passion for an active and challenging outdoor and open-air life.

The ambition has been to create a safety light that, by virtue of its design, quality and function, gives active outdoor types the freedom to engage in their interests.

With the starting point of “what safety brings”, Orbiloc has turned the development process upside down and, from the beginning, has based it on the user’s needs. The technological choices, the advanced production technique and the handpicked materials are all a result of the constant quest for a solution that is suited to the users.

The result is the Orbiloc Safety Light™.