"How to" Videos

Wie man Ansatzstücke wechselt

Dieses Video zeigt wie man von der Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable zum Orbiloc Carabiner wechselt. Dieses Prinzip gilt für alle Befestigungen /Ansatzstücke.

How to clean your Orbiloc light

Common cleaning can help prolong the lifetime of your Orbiloc light.

How to mount the Quick Mount Adjustable

A guide on how to mount the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap to the Orbiloc Quick Mount. The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable gives you an innovative and quick way to attach and move your Orbiloc Dual and can be adjusted to fit any gear.


Wie man die Batterie und O-Ring wechselt

Maintenance is the name of the game for a long-lasting Orbiloc experience. Our Orbiloc Service Kit will help you with that! It contains a battery pack and the o-ring that makes your light waterproof. It is advisable to also switch the o-ring when switching the batteries, so that your underwater safety is guaranteed through lasting visibility.

Wie man das Orbiloc Gummiband anbringt