Maike Schreiber

Maike and Koa are the perfect dream team. Around 1.5 years ago, Maike brought the tiny Australian Shepherd home. They have been inseparable ever since. Maike has her own blog ( and shares her life with Koa with her readers. Next to obedience training once a week, they discovered a new hobby: to longe. Thereby Maike communicates to her dog through body language, while Koa runs around her and executes the commands. This type of sport is supposed to stimulate the bond between human and dog.

Leisure time means Koa time, how Maike describes it, and she enjoys it every minute. Even though Koa was a little loud, when she first moved in with Maike, she is just indispensable. She is an energetic, curious and happy dog, who makes people smile with her “freckles”. Her favourite place is the forest, where she could go for hours to discover new corners and terrains. After an exciting day it is always time for a cuddle session on the couch, and the Koa is happy.


Australian Shepherd