Michael Adlerhorst

Michael is engaged in dog sport for 13 years now, namely in protection service under IPO, agility and bikejöring. Protection Service under IPO consists of three disciplines namely tracking, obedience and protection work which focuses on developing and evaluating those traits in dogs that make them more useful and which supports dogs according to their needs. Within agility, Michael takes part in bigger competitions and even participated in a world championship! He was a trainings supervisor in already several German Shepherd clubs. In 2016 he started to be a trainer in the area of protection service. Furthermore, he and his wife owns a store specialized for Dog Sport accessories (http://www.dogsplace-ge.de/). Always on his side are his loyal German Shepherds, Diva vom Sieben-Teufelsturm and Yagger del Lupo Nero. Or just Diva and Yagger. Both dogs always need adventures and activities, to let off steam and use their energy. Because of that, they are always ready to work and to do anything fun. Daily sport activities, tracking, and frequent visits on the dog’s training place and swimming in the canals are the things that makes Diva and Yagger happy and balanced. A real power team.


German Shepherd


German Shepherd