Louise Amanda Rude Nørup

Louise lives in Copenhagen Denmark with her husband, her daughter, and her dog Duffy. Together with her husband, she has the company ABC Persienner (Venetian blinds). She has always enjoyed working out but she can thank her dog Duffy for her passion for running because Duffy wants to run when they go outside for a walk. Together with Duffy, she started running after she had given a notification of illness years ago. Here she found out that running worked better than medicine for her.
Today, Louise considers running to be her haven. She likes to compete against herself but most of all she loves running with Duffy.
In the past couple of years she has run both half- and whole marathons and one ultra-run. Also, Duffy likes competitions and the latest they have completed the HPM Dirty Paws run on Moens Klint, Denmark. Mostly, Louise runs in the afternoon and in the evening. As an ambassador, she wants to contribute by bringing safety and visibility of runners into focus.

You can follow Louise on Instagram: amandarude