Maiken Kærgård Cederlund

Maiken is a triathlete and especially enjoys running at the beach in Denmark where she lets her thoughts run free and gets energized.

Maiken is a triathlete and an educated personal trainer and dietician. She lives in Amager, Denmark and is training at the Amager triathlon-club. During the past few years, she has gone from being a normal athlete to being a “super-athlete”. In 2017 she has run the Copenhagen Half Marathon and the Copenhagen Ironman. Maiken enjoys, that the only thing the running world demands of her are some great running shoes. These shoes are also the first thing to go into the bag when she’s traveling the world. One of her favorite running routes is Amager Beach, where she runs to clear her thoughts and get energized. With her job at SAS at Copenhagen Airport, her working hours vary, which means that she’s training on different hours during the day. Therefore Maiken can contribute keeping the focus on the safety and visibility when training on early mornings and late evenings, which often means working out when it’s dark.

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