Simon Grimstrup

Simon AKA Babarian Trailrunner is an ultra runner and runs for the national trail team in Denmark. For the past 30 years, he has loved running through the steepest woods of Denmark – and still today he loves it. Only 4 years ago, Simon never could have imagined running a high-level ultra run. But he started imagining when he won the Jungle Ultra in Peru over Ian Sharman. Simon works at a continuation school, but he is currently taking a leave of absence to practice his running. The last couple of years have been filled with exciting running adventures for him. At the latest, he has completed the Gobi Ultra- a 400 km non-stop run through the Gobi desert. Also, he has participated in establishing the Thy Trial Marathon, Cold Hawaii Ultra, and As an ambassador, Simon will share Orbilocs values and spread the word about safety and visibility in his network of trail- and ultra- runners.

You can follow Simon on Facebook: Babarian Trailrunner or on Instagram: SimonGrimstrup