New Carabiner Mount

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to the range of Orbiloc Mounts – the Orbiloc Carabiner. During our continuous development of our assortment and product range, we are happy to have designed a much requested Mount for quick and secure attachments in the outdoors. The Carabiner can be used for any outdoor adventure, and has the advantage of being an extremely quick yet secure connecter of the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual to any apparel or outdoor gear.

Content in package
The Orbiloc Carabiner is made from light-weight aluminium in a matte black colour, and weighs only 10 grams complete with the plastic mount. This means the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual mounted on the Orbiloc Carabiner weighs only 26 grams in total. The Outdoor Dual comes with the Orbiloc Carabiner in five different colours: red, blue, white, green and yellow.

 In the Outdoor Dual package the light will be mounted on the Orbiloc Buckle, with the Rubber Strap and Carabiner Mount included as accessories.

The Orbiloc Rubber Strap allows a firm and flexible attachment to any pole, where the Carabiner will allow a quicker but still secure attachment to any apparel or strap that is maximum 60 mm. wide.

The Carabiner will also be available for sale separately as an accessory by May 2017.

Outdoor Use

The Carabiner allows a quick and secure attachment of your Outdoor Dual to any strap, backpack, life jacket or other apparel. With its easy one-hand and one-finger opening, the light can be moved from place to place within seconds, according to your need and preference.

Have the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual attached to your back pack with the Carabiner as you are walking, in order to be visible to others. Remove the light and quickly attach it to your tent as you make camp, in order for others to be aware of your camp location, and for you to find your way back to your tent during the night.

How to change mount

Take a look at our ‘How To Video‘ to learn more about how to change the Mount on your light.


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