Orbiloc - Indlandsisen

Orbiloc across the Inland ice

Erik B. Jørgensen is a former special force soldier, and a professional adventurer. On a daily basis, he is an author, speaker and guide on what he calls “Your Adventure”. On “Your Adventure” he makes ordinary peoples dreams about going on adventures come true, and takes them through extraordinary nature. Here they get a first-hand experience of the mental and physical challenges that comes with going on expeditions to experience breath-taking nature.

orbiloc_indlandsisen_2Earlier this year, Erik crossed the Inland ice for the fifth time. This time he had a group of six people with him on the expedition. Erik and the group skied and walked the long way, and covered 20 to 30 km with equipment and filled pulks behind them. On their journey they each brought an Orbiloc Outdoor Dual, in order to ensure their visibility and safety in the extreme environment.

“Safety is always the number one priority on these kind of expeditions. When you are in an extreme environment with dense fog and drifting snow, it is crucial that all members of the expedition are able to see and find one another, if they were to drift apart,” says expedition leader, Erik B. Jørgensen.

On their journey across the Inland ice, the lights were exposed to temperatures down to minus 20 degrees in the 27 days long expedition. All Orbiloc Outdoor Duals endured the challenging journey, and the members and leader of the expedition praised the lights.

See more amazing pictures from the expedition, and read about Erik B. Jørgensen (in Danish) here www.komud.dk

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