The Speed Project – Running from LA to Las Vegas

Running 340 miles sounds like a tough job. Running 340 miles through the unpaved paths of a desert is more than a tough job! 20 teams of runners have set out to complete a relay race from the Santa Monica Pier to the Las Vegas Strip, and hopefully in record time.

Passionate runner, Troels Frederiksen, leads the Danish based team, WOLFPACK. He has assembled a team of international runners to get the job done.
Running day and night to reach the finish line, all teams are to collaborate and push through their pain and suffering together to reach their goals. We are happy to sponsor all teams, including the WOLFPACK, with our Orbiloc Safety Light, to make sure they are visible when running some of the iconic roads of the USA, including Route 66.

Relay runs turns a one-man sport into a team sport, but The Speed Project turns the team sport into an adventure! The teams will eat, sleep and most important cheer for each other for as long as it takes, and the race is not over until all 20 teams and 120 team members cross the finish line on Las Vegas Strip safely.

We wish all teams the best of luck, and look forward to following their incredible journey to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Stay Safe!

You can follow the WOLFPACK journey on Instagram @wolfpack.intl and the relay race in general on their Instagram profile @thespeedproject

The madness begins March 10th at 5AM.

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