General Terms and Conditions for Sale and Delivery

Version 07.14

1. Validity
These general terms determine the conditions applying to any order placed with Orbiloc and any shipment of goods from Orbiloc.
They apply, unless other terms have specifically been agreed in writing with Orbiloc.

2. Orders
All orders must be submitted to Orbiloc using the Order Form authorized by Orbiloc from time to time. Orders must comply with the
minimum quantities shown in the Order Form for each item number. The Order Form may be requested from Orbiloc.
Upon receipt of a correct order Orbiloc will submit an order confirmation to the customer. Orbiloc may choose to effect an order immediately
instead of issuing an order confirmation.

3. Cancellation of orders
An order is binding on the customer when effected or when an order confirmation has been submitted by Orbiloc. Orbiloc shall be
free to cancel an order in case the customer is in breach of his payment obligations towards Orbiloc.

4. Delivery of orders
All orders confirmed by Orbiloc will be delivered ex works (Incoterms 2000) Orbiloc’s warehouse in Aarhus. If the order is within a
committed pre-order by the customer, delivery will take place no later than 7 working days from submission of order confirmation. In
other cases delivery will take place as soon as possible. – If delivery has not taken place within 30 days following order confirmation
the customer is free to cancel his order.
In case of delayed or no delivery of a confirmed order the customer shall have no other remedies towards Orbiloc apart from the
right to cancel the order. In particular the customer shall have no right to claim compensation for loss of profit.

5. Terms of payment
All invoiced shipments are payable as stated in the invoice.
In case of late payments Orbiloc will charge interest corresponding to 2% per initiated month after due date.
The customer shall not be entitled to set off any claimed amount from Orbiloc against his payment obligation towards Orbiloc.
Payments from a customer shall first be applied against the customer’s oldest debts to Orbiloc and accrued interests on these.

6. Property right
Until fully paid by the customer delivered goods shall remain the property of Orbiloc.

7. Claims
The customer must examine delivered goods for defects upon arrival at his warehouse. Any claims for defects must be notified to
Orbiloc not later than 3 months following the date of delivery using the Claims Form. The Claims Form may be requested from Orbiloc.
Claims in relation to goods not delivered by Orbiloc must be addressed to the actual supplier.
In case of justified claims Orbiloc will replace such defect goods. The customer shall accept such replacement and shall have no other
remedies towards Orbiloc, in particular the customer shall not be entitled to claim compensation for loss of profit.

8. Delivery conformity
The customer must upon receipt of goods check whether delivered item numbers and quantities correspond to the packing list and/
or the invoice. If not the customer must notify Orbiloc of such non conformity within 3 weeks following receipt of the goods. Orbiloc
may at its own discretion either replace missing goods or credit them. The customer shall have no other remedies towards Orbiloc, in
particular the customer shall not be entitled to claim compensation for loss of profit.

9. Force majeure
Orbiloc shall not be responsible for delays or non delivery if due to extraordinary circumstances, of which Orbiloc has no influence,
such as strikes, lock-outs, war, civil unrest, natural disasters or shortfall of materials.

10. Choice of law
Any sale or delivery of goods under these general terms shall be subject to Danish law.

11. Venue for disputes
Any not amicably settled dispute between a customer and Orbiloc shall be brought before the ordinary court of Aarhus. Orbiloc may
decide to bring a collection case before the ordinary court of the customer’s place.