Orbiloc Dual Accessories

Ligegyldigt om du er professionel atlet, weekendkriger, i militæret, politiet eller bare nyder en gåtur på mørke aftener, så findes der en fastgørelse til din Orbiloc Sikkerhedslygte der passer til netop dit behov.

Fastgør din Orbiloc Sikkerhedslygte til et hvilket som helst bælte, strop, hat tøj eller andet udstyr, alt efter hvilket eventyr du skal ud på.

Få det bedste ud af din Orbiloc Sikkerhedslygte med Orbiloc Service Kit og reservedele.

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Orbiloc Buckle


Orbiloc Buckle is the basic unit if you need the light to be attached on a collar, a strap or together with the Orbiloc Rubber Strap.

With the Orbiloc Buckle you can attach the Orbiloc Dual Safety Light to your dogs collar or leash or another kind of lines/straps. The unique slot opening can accommodate up to 24 mm in width and 4 mm in thickness – ideal for the common hunting and rescue dog collars.


The Orbiloc Buckle is mounted as standard on the Orbiloc Dog Dual and comes in the box along with the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Orbiloc Buckle

Orbiloc Straps

The Orbiloc Straps attach the Orbiloc Safety Light securely to any pole, belt, strap and a variety of other objects.

Package contents:
• 1 x Orbiloc Rubber Strap
• 1 x Orbiloc Velcro Strap

Orbiloc Rubber Strap

orbiloc_rubber_strap_accThe Orbiloc Rubber Strap enables a very secure attachment of the Orbiloc Safety Light to any pole, belt, strap, bag etc. You can also use the Orbiloc Rubber Strap to attach the light to your dog´s collar or leash.

The Orbiloc Rubber Strap is made from silicone that is very resistant to extreme environments and temperatures while still maintaining its form. The friction of the Orbiloc Rubber Strap ensures that your Orbiloc Safety Light does not slide even with heavy movement.

orbiloc_light_rubber_strap_accThe Orbiloc Rubber Strap works with the Orbiloc Buckle and is included with the Orbiloc Dog Dual and Orbiloc Outdoor Dual. Please refer to our User Guides and “How to” Videos.

Orbiloc Velcro Strap

orbiloc_light_velcro_strap_accThe Orbiloc Velcro Strap enables an easy attachment of the Orbiloc Safety Light to any pole, belt, strap or bag and makes it easy to move the Orbiloc Safety Light between your gears.

The Orbiloc Velcro Strap works with the Orbiloc Buckle and is included with the Orbiloc Dog Dual

Orbiloc Velcro DualSimply slide the Orbiloc Velcro Strap through the two slot openings in the Orbiloc Safety Light and wrap the Orbiloc Velcro Strap around your item, then cut off the excess.

Orbiloc Clip

orbiloc_clip_accThe Orbiloc Clip allows an easy on and off attachment of the Orbiloc Dual Safety Light to any belt, strap, webbing, hat, clothing, equipment, and a variety of other objects, which has a height of up till 35 mm.
The Orbiloc Clip is very strong allowing it to face downward.

If you choose to use the Orbiloc Clip when walking your dog we only recommend using it when you walk you dog on a lead.

orbiloc_outdoor_dual_blue_accThe Orbiloc Clip is included with the Orbiloc Run Dual
Please refer to our User Guides and “How to” Videos.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Orbiloc Clip

Orbiloc Service Kit

orbiloc_service_kit_accThe Orbiloc Service Kit contains everything you need to maintain your Orbiloc Safety Light.

The Orbiloc Safety Lights use two CR-2032 Lithium batteries.
A pre-wrapped battery pack of two cells comes with all Orbiloc Safety Light models. The Orbiloc Safety Light has a very long battery life: 250 hours when flashing and 100 hours when steady-on.

The tiny O-ring lubricated with silicone is crucial to the Orbiloc Safety Lights remaining waterproof to 100 meters. To make sure the Orbiloc Safety Light stays waterproof we recommend the O-ring be replaced every time you replace the battery pack.

If your Orbiloc Safety Light is used in wet environments (swimming, kayak etc.) the o-ring has to be lubricated regularly. If you use your Orbiloc Safety Light when diving we recommend that you clean the o-ring before and after every dive, and lubricate the o-ring before every dive. You can advantageously save the sealed silicone bag to lubricate the O-ring.

battery_replacementWhen changing the battery pack please make sure that the + symbol is facing down in the base of the Orbiloc Safety Light.
Please refer to our User Guides and “How to” videos.


Get more maintenance advice here.

Package contents:

  • Battery Pack – 2 x CR2032 Lithium batteries
  • 1 x O-ring lubricated in silicone

Orbiloc Armband

Orbiloc Armband Dual

The Orbiloc Armband provides a secure and convenient way to attach your Orbiloc Dual Safety Light to your arm or leg, making sure you are visible during running or other activities. 

The Orbiloc Armband is made from a stretchy, breathable and washable neoprene material. It also has a strong Velcro closure so it’s long-lasting and comfortable.

orbiloc_armband_mountThe lightweight Orbiloc Armband is comfortable and versatile, fitting arms or legs ranging between 24 and 40 cm (9-16 inch) in size.

The Orbiloc Armband is included with the Orbiloc Run Dual
Please refer to our User Guides and “How to” Videos.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Orbiloc Armband

The Orbiloc Armband is not available for sale at the moment.
It comes only together with the Orbiloc Run Dual Safety Light.

Orbiloc Carabiner

Orbiloc CarabinerWith the Orbiloc Carabiner the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual is easily attached to any backpack, apparel or strap.

The Orbiloc Carabiner has a lot of opportunities for attachments.

Orbiloc Outdoor Dual - Carabiner BlueThe Orbiloc Carabiner is made of high quality lightweight metal and the Orbiloc Carabiner Mount is made in hard plastic material.

The Orbiloc Carabiner is included with the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual
Please refer to our User Guides and “How to” Videos.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Orbiloc Carabiner
  • 1 x Orbiloc Carabiner Mount

Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable

The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable consists of two parts, an Orbiloc Adjustable strap, and an Orbiloc Quick Mount Buckle: 

Orbiloc Quick Mount™  Orbiloc Adjustable Strap™

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is made of silicone-rubber, which is the type of rubber most resilient to extreme environments, sunlight, and temperatures. The Strap is improved in several ways; The thickness of the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is increased – and the used material is twice as strong as the previous strap – which makes it even more durable and better for even more uses. 

Slip Resistant Ribs
Furthermore, we have made ribs on the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap. This makes sure that the Orbiloc light is securely fastened and can’t slide, even when fastened to a thin collar. 

Easy and Quick Adjustment
The 4 holes for adjustment makes it easy and quick to adjust the strap, enabling the light to be mounted on all types of collars – whatever the width or thickness, without squeezing and leaving marks.