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If you have problems or questions about your Orbiloc light you can get the answers heres here.

Orbiloc Dual Safety Light

My light only works sometimes
Please try to tighten the bottom.

From the production we do not tighten the bottom, because not to discharge the battery before the light will be used the first time

The Mode Selector Ring is loose
Turn off the light.

Leave the light over night and the material will regain its strength

After I changed the battery the light dosen´t work
Please check if you have placed the battery correct and tighten the bottom enough.

The white arrow shown on the battery wrap should be placed through the lens

Can I use the light in saltwater?
Yes you can use the Orbiloc light in saltwater.

Just be sure to rinse the outside with fresh water after use. Read more here

I have brought a Orbiloc light and I now have a claim - what to do?
We are sorry to hear that you have a claim.

Please contact the place where you have brought your light and they can help you.

You are also welcome to contact us with a description and a picture of your claim. Contact us here

Orbiloc Attachments

The Rubber Strap is broken
The Rubber Strap is made of silicone and we chose this material as it is the elastic material that is least effected by sun, temperature changes and water. The downside with silicone is that if it get a scratch it will tear – and therefore the Rubber Strap is constructed so that it is locked twice – Meaning that if one side tears the other will still be holding the light.

If the Rubber Strap is not stretched to make a complete tour around the light – one end of the Rubber Strap at a time – the light will not be secured.
We know that attaching the Rubber Strap is not super intuitive the first time and therefore we also made a video explaining how the light is secured

Can I buy a new attachment as a sparepart?
Yes. You can see all the Orbiloc Attachments here.

Ask your local dealer for the attachments.

Which attachments are included with the Orbiloc light?
The type of attachment which is included together with the Orbiloc Dual Safety light depends of the model.

You can see which attachments are included in which model here

Orbiloc Dealers

Where can I buy Orbiloc in my country?