The 2016 British Freediving Team

This team of six are the UK squad for the 2016 world championship team event, held in Kalamata, Greece this september 16-24th and they are here to break records! Freediving allows one to explore the fascinating deep, without the burden of heavy scuba equipment. It is said, that freediving gives a great sense of calmness and freedom for the diver.

However, for these six freedivers it is all about pushing boundaries and improving a breath hold, in order to reach new lengths under water. This requires a great deal of practice and training, as the body and ears in particular are exposed to a lot of pressure when the diver submerse into the deep. Being exposed to pressure and the possibility of experiencing blackouts is not without risk for the diver, and safety is therefore a top priority for the team at all times.

Being safe includes always diving with a partner, and making sure that you are seen even in low visibility condition waters. As the Orbiloc Safety Lights are waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, highly visible under water, and only weighs 22 grams, the BFA team has embraced the lights as part of their standard equipment.

The British Freediving team competes in three different disciplines at this event; Constant Weight, Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea.

We at Orbiloc look forward to following the teams journey to new records and medals.
You can read more about the British Freediving Team and freediving here.

Picture: Daan Verhoeven – Instagram @daanverhoevenfreediver

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