Orbiloc Dual Safety Light is a Danish-made high quality lightweight LED safety light
ensuring that you are visible to others from up to five kilometres
when out and about in the twilight or dark.

Orbiloc Safety Light

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Orbiloc produces and sells high-quality LED safety lights for people and their canine companions –
directly from Denmark. Orbiloc Safety Lights are durable, bright and waterproof.
Best of all, the Orbiloc Safety Lights are built to last and come with a three-year warranty.
Take care out there.

News / 5th October 2018

Orbiloc launches DARK – the new safety light fashion colour

With its cool and sophisticated look, the safety light DARK, from the company Orbiloc, is inspired by the cold, Scandinavian winters. With a dark and minimalist lens and a xenon-like white light, DARK emits a pure signal that appeals to the quality-conscious and stylish dog owner. DARK represents urban style and luxury. A black safety […]

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