How-to videos

How to change Mount

This video shows you how to change the mount of your Orbiloc Safety Light to enjoy its full versatility.

How to change the battery and O-ring

Maintenance is the name of the game for a long-lasting Orbiloc experience. The Orbiloc Service Kit includes a battery pack and an O-ring lubricated with silicone. The O-ring is crucial for the Orbiloc Safety Light to remain waterproof to 100 metres. We recommend replacing the O-ring every time you replace the battery pack to ensure that the Orbiloc Safety Light stays waterproof.

Prepare your Orbiloc Safety Light for the season

To have great adventures in nature, great accessories are crucial. With our maintenance products you can take care of your light for a lifetime – while contributing to a sustainable world. Prepare your Orbiloc Safety Light for the season with the Orbiloc Service Kit and Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring.

How to clean your Orbiloc light

Common cleaning can help prolong the lifetime of your Orbiloc Safety Light.
If the Orbiloc Safety Light is muddy, rinse the Orbiloc light with fresh water, and dry with a soft, lint free cloth.
If your Orbiloc Safety Light is used in wet environments (swimming, kayak etc.) the O-ring has to be lubricated regularly and the Light should be rinsed with fresh water.
If you use your Orbiloc Safety Light when diving we recommend that you clean the O-ring before and after every dive, and lubricate the O-ring before every dive. You can advantageously save the sealed silicone bag from the Orbiloc Service Kit to re-lubricate the O-ring.

How to mount the Quick Mount Adjustable

A guide on how to mount the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap to the Orbiloc Quick Mount. The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable gives you an innovative and quick way to attach and move your Orbiloc Dual and can be adjusted to fit any gear.

How to mount the Orbiloc Rubber Strap

A guide on how to mount the Orbiloc Rubber Strap. The Rubber Strap is made of silicone, which makes it elastic, weatherproof and skidproof.