Get your Orbiloc Dual Safety Light ready for the season! Even though our light is very durable, it is important to maintain it. Did you know that the tiny O-Ring makes your light waterproof? Therefore, we advice to exchange it when you switch the batteries – both of which are part of our Orbiloc Service Kit.

Maintenance is the name of the game for a long-lasting Orbiloc experience. Our Orbiloc Service Kit will help you with that! It contains a battery pack, the O-ring that makes your light waterproof and a new tool that makes it easier to unscrew the light. It is advisable to also switch the ring when switching the batteries, so that your underwater safety is guaranteed through lasting visibility.

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Orbiloc Cleaning and Storage of the light

Cleaning and storage

If the Orbiloc Dual Safety Light gets muddy or exposed to sea water, please rinse the outside of the light with running fresh water while turning the Mode Selector Ring. Do not open or disassemble while rinsing.

Remove the Battery Pack for long-term storage of the light, and store the batteries in a dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.