Choose the right colour

There are several factors influencing how the different light colours are perceived, such as how the eye perceives different light colours and which specific weather conditions such as fog, rain etc. they are used in. The unique design of the lens and the power of the LED increase the visibility of you and your loved ones and gives you the flexibility and freedom to be active. 

The Orbiloc Safety Light comes in 10 different colours. Five Signal Colours, giving you the opportunity to choose the right one for your specific needs, as well as one suited to specific weather conditions. And five Fashion Colours allowing you to give your gear a personal touch.  

Choose different colours to distinguish between your gear, friends and your dogs from a distance. They can also be used to tell apart different kayaks, tents or other objects in the dark. With the 10 colours and two functions of either steady-on or flashing you can distinguish or mark up to 20 people or items at a time.

Signal Colours



Yellow is the most eye-catching colour – particularly at night – which makes it a unique and useful colour.

The human eye is an expert in distinguishing the colour yellow from other colours, and supposedly it is very visible in foggy and misty weather.

The yellow light is gentle for the eyes to look at, why it is suitable when using the light close to your eyes – e.g. when walking your dog on a short leash. 

The yellow light is known from warning signs and road works, where drivers are used to slowing down. 


The colour red is the universal signal for attention, so in case of an emergency red light is great for signalling and safety.

The colour red has the greatest wavelength of any colour on the visible spectrum, meaning you can see it from a great distance than other colours

The red colour is also gentle for the eyes to look at in the dark, and therefore it does not disturb your night vision. 

Red light is associated with rear lights and brake lights on cars and bicycles.


The blue light is associated with police, emergency and accidents. Because of this, it gets drivers to slow down in traffic, and therefore it can be said to have a preventive effect on accidents.

There usually aren’t many blue lights found along the roadway, and the uniqueness of this light might be an extra benefit when out and about in the dark.

The colour blue has shown to look relatively brighter in dim light.

Blue light is often used when reading maps or writing because the blue light cast black lines in stark relief against white paper. Therefore if you are on an overnight hike or mission, a blue light will certainly help to keep you on the right path.

Blue light can also be beneficial for hunters tracking wounded animals at night. Blue light helps blood stand out against foliage.


Green light is know to enhance night vision, and helps intensify contrast.

The human eye perceives the green colour above any other colour. Through millennia, humans have interacted in the natural world where green is the predominant colour. Therefore evolution dictates our preference for the colour green. This makes the green light an optimal colour for wanting to be noticed in any setting. 

The colour green will penetrate the farthest through water and is therefore a perfect marker light for diving.

Green light is also known to has a calming effect and to enhance your night vision and helps intensify contrast.


White light is associated with headlights on cars and bicycles, and can therefore also be associated with the forward direction of a runner, or a person walking.

The white light has a great ability to shine through thick and long fur on a dog.

In case of a emergencies, the white light can also be used a s a mini torch.

All of the colors are in white light, they are just all mixed up. 

Fashion Colours


Pink is a colour often associated with sensitivity, politeness and sweetness.

The pink light is a mixture of purple and red, and it symbolises energy, passion and fun.

The pink light can be paired with almost any colour – adding a touch of glamour to your gear. 


The Turquoise light is a mixture of the colour blue and the colour green, and it has a strong link to the colour of the ocean.

The Turquoise light is a perfect gender-neutral colour that adds pop to all your outfits.


The DARK light has an overall classy minimalist and sophisticated look and features a xenon-like white light.

The DARK light is the perfect match for those who value coolness, effect and a futuristic look. 

The DARK light will add that extra bit of edge and character to your style. 


Amber is a bright, warm hue that sits between yellow and orange in the colour wheel.

Its similarity to the colour of gold makes it perfect for adding vibrant accents in designs.

Combine its warm tone with deep browns and reds, and you get a vivid, earthy palette. Alternatively, combine with deep shades of green for a natural, autumn-inspired effect.


The purple light is a mix of red and blue light and it looks very modern and elegant.

The purple light fits perfectly to purple collars and harnesses.

Also, the colour purple stands out from most other lights in rural and urban areas.