Orbiloc Founders Anette and Jan

About us

Orbiloc® is a story of entrepreneurship rooted in Denmark. The company is built on a strong foundation of values that also work as guiding principles in every aspect of the business: Safety, Quality, Responsibility, Respect and Honesty.

Since 2009, founders Anette Kristensen and Jan Jægergaard have worked towards a common goal to establish a company based on their shared passion for challenging and active outdoor living.

Their ambition was to create a safety light designed to allow outdoorsy people the freedom to engage in their interests, while being safe.

Based on the guiding principle of “what safety brings”, Orbiloc has turned the development process upside down. To Orbiloc, “what safety brings” means increased visibility of the user of Orbiloc’s lights, along with ease of use and the comfort, flexibility and freedom to be active. Right from the beginning, the users’ needs have guided the process. All the way from technological choices to the advanced production technique and the hand-picked materials, it has been a constant quest for a solution suited to the users.

The result is the Orbiloc Safety Light™.