Mona Birgit Pedersen

Mona is a dog trainer in the Danish police-dog-association and has the talented German Sheppard Itsi and the very active Bavarian Mountain Hound Hugo.
Itsi trains very hard in nosework and field and search. Mona hopes to get Itsi nominated for the audition in the competition program for the police-dog-association. Mona travels in a performance group with Itsi and other police dogs. Together they travel around the country to show what their talented dogs can do. Also, they let other people come close to their professional police dogs.
Hugo was picked up from a Danish animal shelter and he quickly became Itsi’s active little brother. Since Hugo has not been trained or raised properly by his old family, Mona uses a lot of time teaching him basic things and how to behave.
As soon as Hugo has learned basic things, Mona wants to train him in tracking. Besides his training, Hugo participates in social arrangements like social walks that are hosted by veterinarians and pet shops. Hugo is a very social dog and loves to cuddle on the sofa in the evening. Also, he is a great little brother to Itsi.
We are glad to benefit from Monas Hugo and Itsi’s expertise.



German Shepherd
Itsi works hard at nosework training and field search