Safety on the way to school

School safety begins before children arrive at school, and it doesn’t end until they arrive safely back home.

  1. Use reflectives and lights. Place them visible on ex the backpack or around the arms or legs – like on both sides
  2. Use the safest way – not the quickest
  3. Teach your child the way to school and walk it together
  4. Use a reflective vest, which has visible colors with a large space of wide reflectives
  5. Teach your child the basic traffic rules – the different on stop and go, how you cross the road, look side-to-side etc.
  6. Never stand still, but move you a little bit, then your reflectives and lights are visible to others
  7. Always move against the traffic, then you can see the cars ahead
  8. Go home early, then you have the time to orientates in the traffic
  9. As a parent be a good example in traffic. Your child copies your behaviour
  10. See if there are other children your child can walk together with. There is safety in numbers
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Orbiloc Safety Light for your children

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It is easy to attach with the different mounts.
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