Dansk Swiss Hundeforening

Danish Tracking Dog Association

The purpose of “Dansk Schweisshundeforening” (Danish Tracking Dog Association) is to promote interest in – and knowledge of the search for wounded deer. Its members are a mix of potential or active legitimized tracking dog handlers, and people who want to stimulate their dogs by track work.

The tracking dog handlers do an incredible and important job in the wild. Should a hunter shoot but not kill a deer, it is important to put an end to its pains. However, when a deer is injured it might run and hide, and can be difficult for the hunters to find. This is where the skills of the dog handlers and the nose of their dogs become extremely important. The dog can smell blood, pheromones and other signs of wounds, and guide the dog handler to the deer. The dog must be able to track and locate the deer, then pursue it, and finally restrain it until the dog handler arrives to put it to rest.

The dog handler and his dog needs intensive training to become experts at their craft, as it is no easy job to do! Humidity, wind, time and temperature are all crucial elements that can make tracking difficult.

While working and tracking, it is crucial for the dog handler to be able to have visual contact with his dog, when it is let loose in bushes and woods. Especially during nighttime, if the dog is tracking near a road, it needs to be visible to surrounding road users in order to avoid further accidents. Orbiloc therefore provides members of Danish Tracking Dog Association with high quality safety lights, which are reliable in all environments and ensures the visibility of the dog whilst working.
These dog handlers and their canine companions do an excellent job, and here at Orbiloc we are very proud to sponsor their work.

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