Revive Your Orbiloc

This year’s new products from Orbiloc are characterised by the common passion of entrepreneurs; a passion for nature and the great outdoors. Orbiloc wishes to battle the buy-and-throw-away culture, which is why the Orbiloc Safety Light’s are designed for easy maintenance and long life. Anette Kristensen, one of the Orbiloc founders, tells us why it […]

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Team Outdoor Roedovre

Team Outdoor Roedovre is a team that consists of different people that practice an extreme sport called Adventure Race. Adventure Race is a sport where people are running, driving on an MTB, kayaking and rollerblading while they at the same time have to keep their orientation on their way. The members of Team Outdoor Roedovre […]

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New Carabiner Mount

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to the range of Orbiloc Mounts – the Orbiloc Carabiner. During our continuous development of our assortment and product range, we are happy to have designed a much requested Mount for quick and secure attachments in the outdoors. The Carabiner can be used for any outdoor adventure, […]

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Made in Denmark

Maybe some of you wonder, why it is so important for us to mention, where the safety light is produced. Isn’t the essential part to be able to deliver it to the customer? We consciously chose to not leave our research, development and production of the Orbiloc Safety Light to chance, but to have the production […]

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Orbiloc - Indlandsisen

Orbiloc across the Inland ice

Erik B. Jørgensen is a former special force soldier, and a professional adventurer. On a daily basis, he is an author, speaker and guide on what he calls “Your Adventure”. On “Your Adventure” he makes ordinary peoples dreams about going on adventures come true, and takes them through extraordinary nature. Here they get a first-hand […]

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Orbiloc and BMX Bandits


Trail running, mountain biking, paddling, packrafting, abseiling and wilderness navigation. These are just some of the skills you need to be an Adventure Racer. The four members of the BMX Bandits Adventure Racing Team certainly have these skills down after years of outdoor experiences. Mixed with a tough training regime and their ‘never-give-up’ attitude, they […]

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The 2016 British Freediving Team

This team of six are the UK squad for the 2016 world championship team event, held in Kalamata, Greece this september 16-24th and they are here to break records! Freediving allows one to explore the fascinating deep, without the burden of heavy scuba equipment. It is said, that freediving gives a great sense of calmness […]

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Review Orbiloc Outdoor Dual from Drommelever Nu

Orbiloc Outdoor Dual Safety Light

This is a english translation of the Review of Orbiloc Safety Lights by Rikki Nielsen At my adventure-travelling firm (Drø, we always think about worst-case scenario when preparing for the next trip. This makes it easier to relax and enjoy the magnificent raw and wild nature when you know you are prepared. This is why it […]

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Safety advice for freediving

Orbiloc and the British Freediving Association have teamed up and created the best safety advice for freediving away from a line. Read them to make sure that you are prepared for your next underwater adventure. BFA SAFETY ADVICE FOR FREEDIVING AWAY FROM A LINE Normal safety procedures as outlined by your Training Agency should always […]

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