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This year’s new products from Orbiloc are characterised by the common passion of entrepreneurs; a passion for nature and the great outdoors. Orbiloc wishes to battle the buy-and-throw-away culture, which is why the Orbiloc Safety Light’s are designed for easy maintenance and long life. Anette Kristensen, one of the Orbiloc founders, tells us why it is important to her to maintain and look after the lights, but also what you, as a frequent user of the Orbiloc products can do.

Why is sustainability and respect for nature important?

– Most people know that we all contribute negatively to the environment. However, there are certain things that we don’t want to live without. Therefore, to most of us it is a challenge to always pay attention to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions. We do not claim that the Orbiloc lights – or any other electronic products for that matter – are 100 percent sustainable, but I believe that a product that you maintain year after year is far better for the environment than a product you buy and throw away.

– Experience also tells me that when we look after our equipment and our things, and when we perform repairs or maintenance, we simply grow more attached to it and keep it for longer.

What is the background for the decision to start developing accessories for the Orbiloc lights?

– A lot of people now own Orbiloc lights that have been used for several years. Therefore, this year we are expanding our selection of maintenance products by introducing the Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring to help our customers maintain and look after their safety lights.

– Our selection of Mounts enables multiple uses for the light. The light you use for kayaking during spring, e.g. attached with our Clip, you can use on your backpack by exchanging the Clip with our Carabiner solution.

– From the start we intended that it should be possible for the user to disassemble the light, to maintain, to change worn-out parts and to adapt the light to the specific need of the user. To ensure this, shape, quality and choice of materials were carefully considered during the development process.

The Orbiloc Maintenance assortment consists of two items:

  Orbiloc Service Kit Dual

Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring™ – NEW


Orbiloc Service Kit™

How do you maintain the light?

– Depending on whether you use your light on flash or steady-on output mode, we have different recommendations. For flash output use we recommend that you change the battery every two years. For steady-on output we recommend a battery change once a year. Regardless of whether your battery needs changing or not, you should clean your light, disassemble it and re-lubricate the O-ring with silicone to ensure that the light remains waterproof. While you are at it, you may want to check if the Mode Selector Ring needs replacing. We know that saltwater and sand can loosen the Mode Selector Ring, and this year it is possible for our users to replace it, rather than having to purchase a brand new light.

– It can be difficult to know when to replace the Mode Selector, but one piece of advice would be to check if a little click sound is present, when mounting it, and the feeling that it slides into place. It must not easily twist and turn.

– In order to educate our customers and retailers about maintenance, change of Batteries, Mode Selector Ring and the O-ring, we regularly produce small video clips. These video clips will guide users through the different maintenance and mounting options. We hope that, all in all, this will result in longer lifespan of the Orbiloc Safety Lights.


About Orbiloc

Since the early days of their lives as entrepreneurs, the vision for the founders, Anette Kristensen and Jan Jægergaard, was to design a sustainable safety light to provide outdoor people with the freedom to engage in their interests, while being visible to their surroundings.

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