How to properly store your Orbiloc Safety Light for long-term use

Are you taking a winter break and planning to store your Orbiloc Safety Light for an extended period? Follow these tips to ensure your light and battery pack stay in good condition while in storage.

Orbiloc Red Safety Light being washed under the tap

Step 1: Rinse your Orbiloc light

Before storing your Orbiloc light, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water to remove any dirt, salt or other elements that may have accumulated during use. This step is especially important if you’ve used your light in a salty (seaside) environment. After rinsing, allow the light to dry naturally before proceeding to the next step.

A man changing battery for the Orbiloc safety light

Step 2: Remove the battery pack

To extend battery life, remove the battery pack from the Orbiloc light before storing it. This will prevent the electrical system from draining the battery. Additionally, consider replacing the battery if needed. The Orbiloc Battery Pack that is included in the Orbiloc Service Kit, provides up to 100 hours of steady-on light and 250 hours of flashing light. For a dog walker who’s using the steady-on light for an hour on a daily basis, the battery pack should be replaced every 3+ months. A runner who runs three hours per week should replace the battery every 8+ months and so on. Using flash mode instead of steady-on light will extend battery life even more.

To remove the battery pack, use the Orbiloc Service Tool or untighten the base by hand. The Service Tool is the little black plastic part included with the light and in the Orbiloc Service Kit.


Orbiloc all accessories


Step 3: Check and replace parts as needed

If your Orbiloc light is attached to gear with either the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap or Orbiloc Rubber Strap, remove the strap from the light and check it for scratches.

If you find any scratches, replace the strap. You can find replacement straps on our website. If no replacement is needed, clean the strap with freshwater, let it dry and store it together with the light and battery.

Orbiloc Adjustable Straps

The Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring is another part to check and consider whether it needs to be replaced. The Mode Selector Ring is used for choosing between steady-on and flashing light. Mud, dust and saltwater can wear the Mode Selector Ring to a point where it feels loose. When turning the Mode Selector Ring, you should feel a bit of resistance and it should fall into place when positioned in one of the marked positions.


Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring Pro

Step 4: Store your Orbiloc light and battery in a cool and dry place

Storing your Orbiloc light and battery in a cool and dry place will extend its lifespan.

In general, negative temperatures below 0°C can temporarily reduce the battery’s capacity. However, these are temporary drawbacks. Once the lithium-ion molecules are re-heated, the battery regains its previous capacity.

Elevated temperatures above 50°C, however, can permanently damage batteries. Damage doesn’t occur instantly – only in connection with repeat exposure to elevated temperatures. Therefore, avoid leaving any products with a lithium battery below a windshield, in a windowsill or in a trunk if the outside temperature is elevated.

Plastics can degrade over time due to light, ultraviolet radiation, oxygen, water, heat and pollutants. Therefore, when not using your Orbiloc light, store it in a stable environment place where it’s exposed to as few degradation factors as possible.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Orbiloc light is well-maintained and ready to use when you return from your break. Taking care of your gear not only prolongs its lifespan but also benefits the environment by reducing waste.


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