We are running ’Etape Møn’ – do you want to join us?

The running shoes are first to be packed, when our Orbiloc Safety Runners, Line and Mathilde, will be heading to Møn, Denmark in week 31. Here they will be running “Etape Møn” – a marathon spread across five stages on five evenings, in different locations on the beautiful island of Møn. The third stage of the race is a Dark Sky-stage, which is arranged in collaboration with Orbiloc. Keep reading, and be convinced of why you should join us for a run under the skies of Møn.

Etape Møn – an active vacation experience

Is there a better way to spend the Summer than exploring new surroundings in your running shoes? Etape Møn is a marathon of scenic beauty taking place for the second year in a row. The race is hosted by DGI, and takes you through five beautiful, varied and challenging stages in the beautiful terrains of Møn. The stages are for runners on all levels, and can be completed separately, as a half marathon, or as a full marathon divided on all five stages. One of the stages stands out from the others, as it is a stage in the dark.

The “Dark Sky” stage – sponsored by Orbiloc Safety Light

The third stage of the race takes place on the island Bogø, and is arranged in collaboration with Orbiloc Safety Light. Contrary to the other stages of the race, the starting signal will not be heard until 10 PM, as it seeks to give the runners a unique experience to run beneath the starry skies of Møn, far away from the disturbing lights of the city. But what is so unique about the night sky over Møn?

It is unusually dark on Møn, which leaves the sky as a Dark Sky with a special view of the stars. Dark Sky is an American phrase, which describes a night sky with very little light pollution, meaning a dark sky where the stars can be seen by the thousands. The organisation The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) are concerned with protecting the night sky from light pollution , and preserve the view of the stars. In March 2017, IDA appointed Møn and Nyord as the first Nordic International Dark Sky Park and International Dark Sky Community, which are the first Nordic Dark Sky nominations and the first double Dark Sky nomination in the world.

Run and light up the dark with Orbiloc Run Dual

The route of the Dark Sky stage is 7 km, and has the shape of a star with four branches. After one kilometre, the runners will reach the centre of the star, and from here on out turn for the three branches, before they head back towards the finish line. As mentioned, the third stage will take place in complete darkness, only lit up by the stars. But – the stars will not keep you visible and safe, the Orbiloc Safety Light will. Prior to the commencement of the stage, every runner will have the chance to borrow or purchase an Orbiloc Run Dual, which can be set to blink or light constantly, during the dark stage. With an Orbiloc light attached to your body, you will be visible from a great distance, so you can feel safe, and enjoy the beautiful view of the stars. 

As a sponsor of the Dark Sky stage, Orbiloc Safety Light will be present the entire night, and make sure that you are visible and safe.

Run and shine – will we be seeing you on Møn in week 31?




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