HPM Dirty Paws Denmark

The biggest run-with-your-dog event

We at Orbiloc Safety Light are proud to announce that we are the sponsors of HPM Dirty Paws – a race for you and your dog

What is this all about?

HPM Dirty Paws is a charity-run for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you attend in running shoes or prefer hiking- or rubber boots. Every participant is in for an extraordinary experience surrounded by nature with room for both jogging, running and social “hygge”.

– HPM Dirty Paws is a race for dogs and their owners, which has its premiere this summer (2017). The race is held to earn money for charity.

– It’s a 5 km trail race – a perfect distance with lots of energy and excitement all the way.

– You can choose from three different races at three different dates and locations: Slettestrand 19th of August 2017, Moens Klint 3th of September and Blaavand 16th of September 2017.

How much does it cost?

A ticket costs 150 DKK. where 100 DKK. goes directly to BROEN Denmark. If you want to join with another person or dog, the price is 50 DKK. extra pr. person/dog.

About BROEN Danmark

BROEN Danmark is an association that helps giving vulnerable children an active leisure life.

BROEN Danmark aims to support vulnerable children with membership fees and equipment for sports or other leisure-time activities.

The goal is to get socially vulnerable children and young people together with other children, where they can be a part of a positive community. Here they can see themselves in older role models, which will give them positive experiences and a strengthened belief in themselves.


Are you unable to attend but do you still want to support BROEN Danmark? No problem. You can always give an optional contribution to BROEN Danmark – you decide the amount that you want to contribute with.

Your contribution goes directly to help vulnerable children to an active leisure life.

Learn more about HPM Dirty Paws on www.hpmdirtypaws.dk and attend on https://www.sportstiming.dk/event/4840


Dates and locations

HPM Dirty Paws Slettestrand – 19th of August 2017
HPM Dirty Paws Moens Klint – 3th of September 2017
HPM Dirty Paws Blaavand – 16th of September 2017



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