K9 Active – for dog sport lovers

K9 Active is not for everyone. It is for people that love to do sports with their dog and improve their health – no matter if you prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo or simply run for the fun of it. K9 Active contains two lamps that make you visible when you train in the dark.

Why illumination is so important when doing sports

In any case, illumination makes a lot of sense in the mornings and evenings, and when the visibility conditions are generally poor. In traffic, illumination is even obligatory.

But when you do sports, illumination is yet more important since you are moving fast which gives you and others less time to react.

Illumination has two positive effects when you do sports. On the one hand, it protects you by making road users aware of you early on. On the other hand, it protects pedestrians and cyclists that will recognize you from a distance when you are approaching them at a high speed.

Content of the K9 Active package

K9 Active includes 1 Orbiloc Run Dual DARK and 1 Orbiloc Dog Dual Amber.

The Orbiloc Run Dual is fastened to your arm or leg with the included armband and clip. The elastic armband gives you a high wearing comfort and due to its Velcro you can easily adjust the armband’s size (24 to 40 cm). The DARK lamp’s light is a xenon-like, white light with a blue shimmer.

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is fastened to your dog’s collar or harness with the included adjustable strap. Because of the different adjustment possibilities and the elasticity of the adjustable strap the light fits to most collars and harnesses. The ribs on the inside of the strap ensure that the light does not slide. The Amber lamp’s orange light is mild and does not blind you, when you are out and about.

1x Orbiloc Run Dual DARK (with Armband and Clip)
1x Orbiloc Dog Dual Amber (with Quick Mount Adjustable)
1x Quick Guide

RRP: 53 €

Orbiloc – choosing quality

Doing sports makes always high demands on materials. Especially when running, the body is repeatedly bouncing up and down. This does not only stress your body, but it also stresses your equipment. Orbiloc is specifically made for those extreme fields of application.

No matter which kind of weather you are training in, the Orbiloc Safety Lights are 100% waterproof and even the heaviest rain will do any harm to them.

Want to purchase a K9 Active pack?

If you want to purchase a K9 Active pack for yourself or friends and family, you can ask your local Orbiloc dealer or have a look at our online store (https://shop.orbiloc.com/k9-active).

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