Lifelong lights for your dog

A new season with evening walks in the dark and cloudy days and poor visibility is approaching. With the Orbiloc Safety Light, you can safely take your dog for walks – year after year and during all seasons.

We are against buy-and-throw-away lights and have made it easy for you to maintain and reuse your Orbiloc Safety Lights every year. It is cheaper and better for the environment.

If you already have an Orbiloc Safety Light stored in your drawer, then you are almost ready for a safe evening walk with your dog. With our Service Kit, your light will become as new. The Service Kit enables you to maintain your light in both a cheap and sustainable way.

To us it is natural that you have to be able to maintain your safety light yourself, so that you may continue an active outdoor life – even after dark. Even the Adjustable Strap and the Mode Selector Ring may be replaced – and this way, you can keep your light throughout your life:

“Our goal is to combat the buy-and-throw-away culture that is harmful to the environment and to empower a maintain-and-fix culture. Therefore, we are very focused on quality, design and durability. Everyone with an Orbiloc light must have a light for life”, says Anette Kristensen, founder of the Danish Light brand with a network of resellers across the world.

Prepare your light for the darkness of the fall season – see how 

When fall comes, it is important that your safety light is prepared to ensure that you and your dog are visible when going for morning and evening walks. 

This video will show you how to prepare your light in less than 5 minutes.

Some good advice

Here’s a couple of things you can do to make you and your dog ready for a safe winter season:

  • If you use the steady-on light mode, we recommend changing the batteries once a year. If you have the mode on flashing, you should change the battery every two years. This way, you are sure to be visible in the dark and that the light will not turn off during an evening walk.

  • Is your dog big on adventure, and does it love to jump into the oceans and explore the forest? If so, it makes good sense to clean the light sometimes. Saltwater, sand and dirt take a toll on your light. Check our cleaning guide and other guides.

  • Contact your nearest dealer or stop by our webshop if you need some advice and spare parts for your light.

Looking for a light for your dog? Orbiloc has the best lights in the world

Not only do we have a mission of minimizing challenges connected to the environment and the present throw-away culture. We also have a mission to make the world’s best safety light for you and your dog.

Our lights are extremely durable and visible in the dark. They are:

  • Visible up to 5 km

  • Waterproof down to 100 m

  • 100 kg shock resistance

  • Made in Denmark

Because we are convinced of the quality of our lights, we will give you a 3-year warranty on your light.

The light comes in 9 different colours to make sure you will find one that suits both you and your dog. Check all the colours here.

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