Made in Denmark

Maybe some of you wonder, why it is so important for us to mention, where the safety light is produced. Isn’t the essential part to be able to deliver it to the customer?

We consciously chose to not leave our research, development and production of the Orbiloc Safety Light to chance, but to have the production facility right next to us here in Aarhus, Denmark. Therefore, we have complete control of our materials, production processes and most important: quality.


We use the latest robot technology, which performs with great precision and accuracy.  This precision in the production is essential in order to ensure the high quality of our lights, with an unbeaten durability and 100% waterproof design. 

Why is this so important to us? Here are two reasons: 

Your safety is our concern and what we care about the most. Because safety and quality go hand in hand, we dedicate our time and energy in the design and production of high quality safety lights. The Orbiloc Duals adhere to the highest standards within visibility and durability, and has been tested under extreme conditions.

At the same time, we want to fight the current throw-away culture! Unfortunately, you find so many cheap electronics, which are thrown away after only a short period of time, and then replaced by the same type. We are convinced, that choosing quality materials is the sustainable choice in regards to safety gear. By purchasing high quality electronics and gear, you act upon the wasteful throw-away culture, and decide to actively invest in quality and durability. We stand behind the quality of our products. Therefore, there is always a 3 year warranty on any Orbiloc Safety Light, which is our way of promising to keep you safe for a long time.  

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We stand up for your safety and for sustainability. Therefore, our Orbiloc Safety Lights are Made in Denmark!

Find out more about about the Orbiloc Quality Characteristics.


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