Orbiloc NightLIGHT Experience

Do you like to run and work out with other people? Are you interested in culture? And do you want to experience Aarhus in a fun and different way? Then you should definitely join our event, the Orbiloc NightLIGHT Experience.

From: Line Kremmer, Projektkoordinator for Stay Safe Runners 

Move For Life – Sports festival in and around Aarhus 4. -5. November

In 2017 the city of Arhus got elected as the European Capital of Culture. To celebrate this the Danish gymnastics- and sports association (DGI) is hosting the Sports Festival Move for Life. The festival takes place in Aarhus and in cities nearby from the 4th till the 5th of November.

Move for Life is the most beautiful and moving full moon event that lasts for 24 hours and rethinks sport and motion through more than 100 sports-events. The goal is to get as many people in the region as possible to move at the same time.
Orbiloc- The Safety Light is in close cooperation with Move for Life and as the head sponsor we have arranged an event that YOU can be a part of, the ”Orbiloc NightLIGHT Experience”.

Orbiloc NightLIGHT Experience – an urban running-adventure

The Orbiloc NightLIGHT Experience is an urban running-adventure that unites movement and fellowship in a fun and different concept, where everyone can participate – Children as well as adults.
As the name already mentions the focus lies on the experience rather than competition and performance.
It starts on Storetorv or as we call it “Moon Square” as there will be 24 hours of full moon. We will move around on the streets of Aarhus and enjoy the culture. While we are moving we will make 3 stops, where we will join other events:

Beachvolley Winter Edition
SICK Part 143: MOVEmber

It will be possible to leave and join the run at any time. To get the newest updates you can follow the event on Facebook, where you can get information about the route and when we will be joining the events mentioned above. Sign up for the event here.

As a participant at the Orbiloc NightLIGHT Experience, you will experience Move for Life in Aarhus. The whole evening our focus will lie on the culture, the experience, and the solidarity. There will be no timekeeping and it will not be about who reaches the goal first. It’s all about perceiving, experiencing and enjoying the culture of the city – partly the cultural events we will pass by on our run and partly the events we will join on our way.
All Orbiloc NightLIGHT participants will have the possibility to lend an Orbiloc Safety Light to light up the city of Aarhus with different colors together and to be visible near traffic when running.

The Orbiloc Safety Runners will show you the way in the dark

To make sure that all participants will have a great experience we invited our Orbiloc Safety Runners to join us. They will spread their joy and create a great atmosphere the whole evening while helping every participant to get safe through the route. Be excited to meet them, because they are excited to meet you.

You can also follow their campaign Stay Safe Runners on Instagram: @StaySafeRunners

See you in Aarhus on the 4th of November!

Practical information

Place: Aarhus – The start and finish line is Storetorv (Moon Square)
Date: 4th of November 2017
Timeline: 20.30 – 00.01 (Safety Lights will be handed out from 20.00)
Price: Free

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