Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable™
New Mount for Orbiloc Dog Dual™

For the past two years, Orbiloc™ has worked on a better, easier and faster solution for dog owners to mount the Orbiloc Dog Dual on different gear.

With help from Orbiloc users from both Germany and Denmark, a new and improved mount is now ready to be launched – the Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable.

The new mount makes it even easier for dog owners to attach their Orbiloc Safety Light securely on different gear.

About the Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable

The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable consists of two parts:


Orbiloc Quick Mount™


Orbiloc Adjustable Strap™

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is made of silicone-rubber. This type of rubber is most resistant to extreme environments, sunlight and extreme temperatures.

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is thicker and twice as strong as the previous strap and can, therefore, sustain being bent and torn even more, without rupturing or losing shape.

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap has 4 holes for adjustment. This enables the Orbiloc Dog Dual to be mounted on all types of collars or other gear, without leaving any marks.

Also, the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is equipped with slip resistant ribs. These will make sure that the Orbiloc Dog Dual is securely fastened despite the size of the gear.

Mounting the Orbiloc Dog Dual on your dogs’ leash, harness or collar goes fast. All you have to do is to find the right size that goes to your gear. After the size is adjusted you can wrap it around your gear and fasten the end on to the Orbiloc Quick Mount.

Why a new mount? 

Orbiloc continuously works on improving their products to give customers the best experience and most satisfaction despite their different needs. 

Co-founder of Orbiloc, Anette Kristensen says: “It is of extreme importance to us to listen to our customers. After all, they are the experts in knowing what they need in their everyday life with their dogs. Therefore we have decided to use the necessary time to develop and test a new mount to make it more intuitive to fasten the Orbiloc Safety Light to any kind of gear”.

The idea with the new mount is to make it easier to use the Orbiloc Safety Light and to reattach it, when changing from one gear to another.

The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable will be included with the Orbiloc Dog Dual. Furthermore, the Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable will be available as a separate kit, for those who already own an Orbiloc Dog Dual and are interested in the new and innovative mount.

Take a look at our extensive assortment of mount and spare parts for your Orbiloc Safety Light.

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