Orbiloc Safety Light PURPLE is back

You can now get Orbiloc Safety Light in the fashion colour purple. The new Safety Light is perfect for those who love purple and want a nice purple light for their dog’s harness or collar.

You can purchase the new Orbiloc Dog Dual Purple from our retailers or in our webshop.

Why do you need a safety light?

With a safety light, you and your dog can enjoy the freedom to move around safely in the dark. Drivers and bicycle riders will be able to see you better from a distance and thus adjust their speed. The light also always shows you where your dog is when you unleash it in the dark.

A familiar light

If you have followed us over the last few years, you may have noticed that we have had a purple lamp before. From 2016 to 2017, the Orbiloc light was already available in the fashion colour purple. By 2019, the colour was so much in demand that we are now relaunching it.

Improved LED

The colour purple was discontinued in 2018 due to challenges with the LED, which was too sensitive to the battery’s voltage. This meant that the light sometimes changed colour as the battery gradually discharged. We have now found a new LED that delivers an even light so your dog always looks good.

Is purple right for you?

The purple light is for anyone who loves the beautiful purple colour and who thinks purple fits their dog perfectly. If you like your dog to be wearing matching equipment, you now have the opportunity to match a purple collar or a purple harness with a nice purple light. Especially in the city, purple can be a colour that stands out from car and street lights, so you and your dog are as visible as possible.

Here you can see all our colours.

Customers’ choice

In 2019, we asked our followers in an Instagram Story what colour they wanted the most. Many participated with great ideas, and purple was one of two colours mentioned most often. In the final poll, purple won over lime green, and is, therefore, being relaunched this year.

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New Mode Selector Ring PRO Orbiloc 5km visibility

The purple colour is not the only thing new about the Orbiloc lamp in 2020. In collaboration with a Danish design agency, we have developed a new, user-friendly Mode Selector Ring. The new Mode Selector Ring PRO now has a metallic colour that stands out more from the rest of the light, which makes it easier to identify. In addition, it is slightly larger and easier to handle. The new Mode Selector Ring PRO becomes the standard for all Orbiloc lamps produced in 2020 and beyond, and it is also available as an accessory. This means that you can switch to the new Mode Selector Ring PRO on existing lamps.

You can purchase the new Mode Selector Ring PRO from our retailers or in our webshop.

Why choose Orbiloc?

Orbiloc’s Safety Lights were originally developed for military use but the light became popular particularly with dog lovers, runners, kayakers and divers. Therefore, in 2014, the light was redesigned, and today the combination of exquisite Danish design and excellent quality makes our lamps unique on the market. Although the design was customized, police, military and rescuers still use Orbiloc lights, which emphasizes their quality.

Here you can read more about the qualities of the lamp.

One Fits All

When you have a light from Orbiloc, there are many options. You can use the standard mount to attach the light on your dog’s collar and harness, you can use the carabiner so that the light is not hidden in your dog’s fur, and you can use the clip for quick mounting and demounting on dog clothes, etc. The possibilities are endless. In fact, the light is also used by runners who use it with our Sports Kit and by outdoor enthusiasts who typically use the carabiner.

Here you can get an overview of Orbiloc’s accessories.

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