Orbiloc TWIN – Safety for two

In November, Orbiloc will launch the perfect Christmas present for the dog, the dog owner, the horseback rider as well as the runner; namely the safety light package Orbiloc TWIN©.

To many of us, Christmas is time for love and spending time with friends and family, where we show our appreciation for each other and get to spend time together. At the same time, it is the season where we pay extra attention to each other and look out for each other. Looking out for each other can mean a lot of things, but for the Danish company Orbiloc it means looking after each other in traffic after dark.

This year’s ideal Christmas present for everyone who loves nature and outdoor living – even after dark – is called TWIN. Orbiloc TWIN is a package containing two safety lights. Anette Kristensen, Co-founder and Partner in Orbiloc, says:

We are now launching a Christmas present, where you get two lights in one package, because we want to highlight the importance of safety and visibility. The Orbiloc TWIN package offers safety lights to both dog and owner, to rider and horse enjoying a late-night ride or for the runner and his/her buddy.”

The Orbiloc TWIN pack contains a red and a white safety light. The red colour is a universal signal for attention and therefore a colour which we automatically notice – and act according to – in traffic. The white colour is a colour we associate with headlights on cars and bicycles. Therefore, we connect white to the impression of something approaching us.



Did you know, that as a horseback rider (depending on the country), you are either obliged or encouraged to display lights after dark? The same goes for during the daytime when visibility is not optimal – just like bike riders.

And also, did you know that if you are running in group formations the front of the group is either obliged or encouraged to carry a white light, and the back of the group, a red?

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