Visible through autumn and winter: this is how it works

It is that time again. Although you can hardly tell from the warm temperatures at the moment, summer is already on its last legs, and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

If you like being out and about in the fresh air, you should soon start making sure that you are visible to others in the twilight and dark. This way, you can safely enjoy your morning jog, evening walk with your dog or even a late paddle tour on your SUP board*.

It is also much more relaxed and safer for other road users if they can see you from afar.


The good news first: good visibility can be achieved in everyday life with simple means.

Eye-catching clothing, preferably with integrated reflective elements or, for example, the Reflective Clip, should be part of everyone’s standard equipment. Reflectors are a good and often affordable alternative, for example when it comes to being seen by approaching cars. As soon as you are in the light cone of a car or streetlamp, the light is reflected, and you can be seen better.

But a safety light, such as the Orbiloc Safety Light, should not be missing either. Proper lighting has the advantage that you can be seen even when it is dark around you and you are not (yet) in the light cone of an approaching car. Good lighting is also important for the dog so that other road users as well as yourself can see your dog in the dark.

Finally, it can be useful to carry a headlamp or flashlight with you to illuminate the terrain on your tour and avoid hazards such as protruding tree roots.

Here you can read more about the Orbiloc Dog, Run and Outdoor Dual Safety light.


Especially those who are out and about in groups or with several dogs can benefit from using different coloured lights for a better overview.

For example, if you like to go jogging with others in the evening, you can use colour coding to ensure that everyone knows where their favourite running partner is, who is trying to escape from the rest of the group, or who is struggling to keep up.

The colour coding can also be a great help if you want to take your dogs for a walk in the evening without losing track of who is where.

Here you can see the 10 colours that Orbiloc offers.


*Important: Laws and regulations for lighting on the water vary from country to country. Therefore, find out about the applicable rules before you paddle into the sunrise.

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