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Be seen – and safe – in the dark

Each year too many canine companions are involved in motor vehicle accidents, due to lack of visibility and thereby response time for the driver. According to insurance figures, dogs face an 84 percent higher chance of being hit by a car in the autumn/winter period than in the summer.

As the dark season is approaching, unfortunately so an increase in the amount of accidents. As the days are getting shorter, the nights are becoming darker, and this can have fatal consequences for dogs and their owners walking in the dark. Even when there is a little daylight during sunrise or sundown drivers may not be able to react to movement before it is too late.

Many believe that reflective products and visibility jackets are enough, but truth is that a safety light can double the distance from which the pedestrian and dog are seen. The problem with the vests are however, that light has to hit them, before they can reflect the light back. It is therefore best to use them in combination with a high-quality safety light.

Being able to see a pedestrian from a larger distance means a longer response period. The sooner the driver is able to acknowledge the presence of other road users, the longer time the driver has to react and attempt to avoid a crash. This time is crucial, especially in the winter where rain and snow will affect the breaking distance greatly, making it up to four times longer than normal.

Therefore, it is important to take as many precautionary measures as possible. Here are the best safety tips for making it safely through the autumn and winter season with your canine companion:
1. Keep your dog close to you on a short leash
2. Walk towards the traffic, instead of the traffic coming from behind you. Have your dog facing away from traffic, so that you are between the dog and the traffic.
3. Always wear a safety light and a reflective vest on both yourself and your dog
4. Only walk on designated paths or on the sidewalk

You can read more about safety lights here.

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