Motivation to run: Keep on running during summer time

Spring has finally arrived, and the running season has begun. Perhaps you have already tied up your running shoes, and hit the road a couple of times? But one thing is getting started, to keep going over the summer is something else.

Our running experts, Mathilde Have and Line Kremmer have put together 8 great tips on how best to get your running season started, and stay motivated to run during the summer months – including when you are on holiday.

  1. Accept your starting point

“You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great”

Regardless of your current running level or experience, it is important to accept your starting point, in order to achieve the best possible success with your training. Perhaps you have not been the best at getting out there in your running clothes over the winter months, but fear not – it is never too late to start or resume your running career.

  1. Structure your workout

Running is a practical, time efficient, cheap and flexible way of exercising, and can be practiced anytime, anywhere. All you need is a pair of running shoes and some clothes for running. But just as accessible as this flexible way of exercising is, just as easy it can be to skip a training session. Therefore, you should structure your training, and make sure to hit the road on regular times of the day every week.

  1. Make running a habit

A habit is an automatic action, and something we do with effortless and minimal mental action. Until running becomes a habit for you, it is a choice that you actively have to make before each run. The more often and regularly you run, the more automatic routines you will establish, and the easier it will become to get it done with less energy consumption. It takes hard work to make running a habit – it takes motivation!

  1. “Social Running” – make running dates

The feeling of community creates an extra dimension to your running. One of the most effective motivation factors is other people. We find it easier to let our self down, than to let others down. When someone else is waiting for you, it will be much easier for you to get out the door. Therefore, you should find a local running club or running buddy, and make regular running dates. It also enhances the joy of running when you are doing it together.

  1. Set a goal

Make it crystal clear what you wish to get out of running: A healthier life with more exercise? Being able to run faster or longer? Completing a new distance? Once you have set your goal, create a plan for how you intend to reach it.
“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. If the final goal is far out in the future, you might have to set some intermediate goals along the way to the final goal.

  1. Register for running events and races

An obvious goal is to register for a race or running evet, and training for this.
The summer months are full of races in different countries, cities and terrains, and they have a great mix of distances.

  1. Mix up your running and make each run an experience

Your run probably often starts from your front door, and takes place in the same environment within the same radios. On days where you might have a little extra time, you should grab your bike or car, and drive somewhere different to run, for example in a forest or on a beach. Changing up your training and environments will make it more fun and easy to get out there.

  1. Bring your running shoes on the go – and on your holiday

Always have your running outfit within reach, as this makes it easier to keep up your training, no matter where you might be. Also, pack it in your suitcase as you are travelling for holiday.
How do you best enjoy your holiday? Instead of thinking: “Now I have some time off and can finally relax” you should be thinking: “Now I have some time off and plenty of time to run”.
Use your runs to relax and unwind, and take advantage of the possibilities of running in new and exciting environments.

“We love to explore the world in our running shoes” – Do you?


About Mathilde and Line

Master Student in Science of Public Health

13 years of running


M.Sc. in Humanities and Social Sport Science, minored in Psychology.

10 years of running

Certified running coach


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