New colour for our Safety Light

The season has been kicked off and we have some great news for you. As of September 1st, our popular Orbiloc Safety Light is available in the new, lovely fashion colour Amber.

It is important for us that you can find an Orbiloc Safety Light in the exact colour that suits you and your dog. This way, you will cherish it longer. With Amber, we give you yet another colour to choose from, which makes a total of 9 Orbiloc Safety Light colours.

You probably know the colour from nature or jewellery. Because of the amber jewellery, the colour amber is associated with something precious, noble and beautiful. In the fashion industry, the colour has been fashionable since ancient times, but also it features in modern-day colour schemes. This way, the colour is both timeless and fashionable – illustrating our focus on sustainable solutions.

If you value style as well as safety, Amber is the perfect colour for you and your dog.

Hunters prefer Amber due to Colour-blind Animals

If you hunt, you know the colour Amber. The dark-orange colour is used widely in hunting, where it is known to prevent hunting accidents. Deer cannot distinguish between green, red and orange, and therefore these colours do not scare them. Humans – on the other hand – can tell these colours from a great distance. Furthermore, these colours are easy on the eyes without blinding.

Amber is a lifestyle as well. Not only does it signal hunting and safety, but also outdoor living, harmony and tranquillity. Amber is in line with the golden colours of the fall season and gets you thinking about long walks and great experiences in nature.

Is Amber for you?

If you like autumn colours, then you will also like our new Amber Orbiloc Safety Light. Amber represents the stylish choice and an active lifestyle. It will be perfect for you if you want to put in an extra effort on your outfit in the dark fall season.

Colour-wise, Amber goes perfectly with the dog breeds Australian Shepherds, Shiba Inus, Vizslas, Golden Retrievers and other dogs with orange, brown or golden colours in their fur.

Fashion Colours

It is important to us that you are able to find a light that is exactly right for you and your dog. Therefore, we have 9 different colours – 4 in the Fashion colour category and 5 Safety colours.

With the Fashion colours, you can combine safety with style. Naturally, the Fashion colours are just as visible in the dark as our Safety colours, and will provide you and your beloved dog with the safety and security you need to move around freely after dark.


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