Orbiloc launches DARK – the new safety light fashion colour

With its cool and sophisticated look, the safety light DARK, from the company Orbiloc, is inspired by the cold, Scandinavian winters. With a dark and minimalist lens and a xenon-like white light, DARK emits a pure signal that appeals to the quality-conscious and stylish dog owner. DARK represents urban style and luxury.

A black safety light may sound strange. However, DARK is the result of an intensive development process and a desire to set new standards for design and quality in safety lights. Anette Kristensen, Co-founder and Partner in Orbiloc, explains:

“Our customers are very style and colour-conscious, so naturally we listen. Therefore, we are continuously developing our product range. DARK appeals to the dog owner living in the city, the hunter and the outdoor enthusiasts – all with a desire for uncompromising quality, superior design and a cool, sophisticated look.”

DARK is an Orbiloc Safety Light in its purest and most minimalist shape. Because of the cool, raw design, Orbiloc has chosen the equally cool and raw Weimaraner dog breed to illustrate the characteristics of the DARK light. The athletic and unquestionable regal appearance of the Weimaraner embodies the qualities of the DARK light.

Jan Jægergaard, who developed the Orbiloc light, says about the idea and inspiration for the DARK light:

“I thought we were in need of a light that was simpler, cooler and a little more downplayed than the other colours. The inspiration comes from the gear used in security services and in the military. DARK has a unique lens with a white and clear center, making it possible to produce a DARK safety light without compromising the Orbiloc light’s superior specifications.”


DARK has just been released to Orbiloc dealers across Europe, as a supplement to the seven other colours in the Orbiloc Safety Light series.

Fashion colours
The DARK light is part of Orbiloc’s fashion colours that also comprise the colours pink and turquoise. Together, the three form a fashion trio that will support your personal style and add an extra touch to your dog’s expression, without compromising on quality and safety.

“Our fashion colours express feelings and attitude, which adds a personal touch to both dog and owner”, says Anette Kristensen.

Safety colours
Orbiloc produces five more colours in the category of safety colours: green, yellow, blue, white and red – each with its advantages.

“We have developed a simple colour guide to illustrate how the various colours are different, making it easier to choose between colours based on individual needs. For example, if you have a dog with long, dark fur, it would be best to choose a light-coloured light, whereas if you have a dog with light fur, it would be wise to choose a light with a darker colour. Now, our customers can learn about this and more via our colour guide – available with your local Orbiloc dealer”, Anette Kristensen concludes.

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