Review Orbiloc Outdoor Dual from Drommelever Nu

Orbiloc Outdoor Dual Safety Light

This is a english translation of the Review of Orbiloc Safety Lights by Rikki Nielsen

At my adventure-travelling firm (Drø, we always think about worst-case scenario when preparing for the next trip. This makes it easier to relax and enjoy the magnificent raw and wild nature when you know you are prepared.

This is why it has been amazing to have Danish Orbiloc contribute to our safety on this summer’s trip to Sweden, where our psyche, physics and gear was tested to its limits.
Our journey was set towards Torneträsk Lake at Björkliden in Lapland and toward the Norwegian border. From here back to the small village, Kurravarra placed next to Torneälv.
In our preparations, we decided to place the lights above the left chest. This would ensure our visibility in the dark waters and would keep them handy to turn on in case of an emergency, and be spotted from air.

Review Orbiloc Outdoor Dual from Drommelever NuOur requirements to the lights were that they should meet the following criteria of being: compact, lightweight, waterproof and reliable. I will give them a score of 1-5 in each of these categories where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest.

Compactness: The lights have the perfect profile to be attached to gear on both land and water. The ultra-thin profiles ensures that it will not get stuck in bushes, nor will it be ripped off when things get a little hectic in the canoe. I give the compactness 5 points.

Weight: The lights weigh next to nothing, so there is not the excuse of them being ‘too heavy to bring along’. An easy 5 points.
Waterproof: As seen in the pictures, there have been plenty of times where the lights where under water, also for a longer period of time. We have not been diving with them, but regardless of the amount of water they were exposed to on our trip, they still lit up with a short ‘twist’ every time. We have been exposed to very chilly temperatures in the freezing water of the fells in Sweden, but have not observed any mist or moist within the lights, even with the large variation of temperature from 0 degrees water to 10+ degrees on land. This was very important to us, as mist within the lights would have decreased the visibility of the lights and indicated that the lights were not waterproof. As there were no problems whatsoever this is another 5 points.

Reliability: Flat batteries power the lights, and the duals seem to be running forever without dying from battery shortage. In the test period at home, the lights were turned on for more than 36 hours straight, which we had been informed by the Norwegian rescue service would be the maximum time required to complete a bail out in relation to bad weather or other complications. Orbiloc promise 100 hours on steady mode and 250 hours on blinking mode. This reliability is priceless, and the lights get another 5 points.

Overall: The lights appear extremely petite when you first handle them, and the untrained eye might quickly frown at the first glance. However, once you have experienced them on a trip, where safety is a significant factor, you will have to think again. The old saying, “never judge a book by its cover” is really appropriate.
The lights from Orbiloc certainly lives up to all its promises on every desirable criteria. No matter what we have done to them, even stepped on them thinking ‘now they are splintered’ they have survived and remained intact and resilient.

We from Drø would like to give our warmest recommendations of the Orbiloc Safety Lights, no matter if the next adventure is on land or sea.

Kind Regards,
Rikki E. Nielsen

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