New Turquoise Safety Light from Orbiloc

Orbiloc is presenting a new Safety Light Colour that is developed for all fashion interested.

As the dark season slowly but surely is approaching us, it is once again time to get out the warm clothing and the Safety Light. In this matter, Orbiloc developed a new fresh colour for this season – turquoise.

When developing the new Safety Light Colour, Orbiloc used the long coastline that is surrounding Denmark as an inspiration.

The brain behind the new colour Jan Jaegergaard says: “The long beautiful coastline of Denmark has always been an inspiration to me.  Therefore I used a lot of time to find the right mixture of green and blue. It was very important to me to develop the perfect turquoise colour, without having to compromise with the quality or the exceptional specifications of the Safety Light.”

The thought behind the new colour is to give customers the possibility to choose from a broader collar scheme when deciding what colour to get.

With the new Safety Light, Orbiloc is dividing its Colours into two categories: Safety Colours and Fashion Colours.

In the category “Safety Colours” Orbiloc classified colours that have special scientific proven benefits when used at different places or under particular circumstances. The “Safety Colours” are being perceived in different ways by the human eye and some colours are more beneficial in different weather conditions such as fog and rain.

With the “Fashion Colours” Orbiloc will broaden the possibility for their customers to express their own personality and style (Or the personality of your dog), whilst matching it to their personal gear. Also, the Fashion colours are being perceived in different ways, whereas these colours have a broader emotional meaning. 

Both categories are high-quality Safety Lights, whose main job is to keep you safe when you are out in the dark.

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