How to get ready for a run with your dog

Do you need the insights on what you have to consider and prepare before you decide to participate in a dog run?

We got an interview for you with Mikaela Linder Gudkov, who is one of our ambassadors. In the following, she will give you a couple of advice on how to run with your dog.

Mikaela started running when she was only 13 years old. Today running is a big part of Mikaelas everyday life. She is especially fascinated by long runs in nature and she describes running like meditation in motion.

She does not train after a certain program but uses her legs as a means of transportation to and from work, which gives her many km in her legs every day.

Also, she starts almost every morning running along with her dog for half an hour. Her 7-year-old dog Ziggi, who is her loyal running mate, is a mixture of a Collie and a Cavalier King Charles. Mikaela is very experienced when it comes to running with a dog.

Here you can read her insights on how you and your dog prepare yourselves for running together.

1. Train your dog’s obedience

First of all, it is important that your dog obeys you. Before you consider running with your dog you should train the obedience of your dog. It is important that your dog reacts to the orders you give.

Likewise, it is important that your dog comes to you whenever you call its name. This is especially of relevance when other dogs or people are near you.

2. Train your dog in running on a leash

Before you start running with your dog, you should train it to run on a leash. It is necessary that your dog can run on a leash because it in many places is illegal not to have your dog on a leash.

You should consider what kind of leash you want to use for running. It should not be too flexible. Therefore you can consider using a rope. You can also purchase a running belt.

Before buying a running belt you should talk to an expert, who can advise you on which belt is best for you and your dog.

3. Let your dog sniff around before running

It is of importance that your dog has the possibility to sniff around before the two of you start running. Therefore start out by letting the dog decide the pace (and direction).

You can use this time as a warm-up. After a while you can start running.

4. Start with short distances

Like humans, also dogs need to train their physical fitness. Therefore it is beneficial to start with short distances at first.

The first couple of times you should start your workout with running for 1 minute and walking for 2. Repeat this a couple of times before you increase your running time with 3 minutes followed by a 1-minute walk. After a couple of training sessions, your dog will be able to run without the need for a break.

5. Take care of your dog’s paws

It is important what foundation you and your dog are running on. You should not start by running on asphalt but instead find a softer foundation like the forest floor, grass or sand. This is important because the paws of your dog have to get used to the increased wearing.

Remember to use paw spray or paw wax when your dog gets scratches, bruises or dry pads. This will also protect the paws against minor scratches and de-icing salt, snow, gravel, and ice. Furthermore, it gives the skin a natural elasticity and resistance.

6. Do not run with your dog when temperatures are high

Dogs do not sweat like people do. Therefore it is not as easy for them to cool down as it is for us. You should therefore never run with your dog when temperatures are high. Instead try to run in the morning or the evening, where it usually is colder.

7. Remember food and liquids

Give your dog a good meal one or two hours before you are planning to run.

As a mnemonic rule, you should always give your dog food when you are planning to eat.

Like humans, the food that your dog eats also needs to be digested before you can start running together. Before you start running it would also be a good idea to bring some water with you for the dog. Your dog should also always have fresh water when coming home from your run.

8. Remember stretching out

The aim with doing stretching exercises on your dog is to reduce muscular tension and improve the movement in your dog’s limbs and muscles.

Get in touch with educated personnel that can give you an introduction on how to do stretching exercises on your dog.


Denmark's biggest dog run

Are you interested in a run with your dog? Participate here:

HPM Dirty Paws Slettestrand – 19th of August 2017

HPM Dirty Paws Moens Klint – 3rd  September 2017

HPM Dirty Paws Blaavand – 16th of September 2017

Short Information about HPM Dirty Paws dog run: 

HPM Dirty Paws is a charity run where you and your dog can run along with other dogs and their owners, surrounded by beautiful landscapes in Denmark. 

We from Orbiloc are together with AniCura, Running26 Events and Siccaro the proud sponsors of this charity run, that collects money for the Danish association BROEN Danmark

BROEN Danmark aims to support vulnerable children as they give them memberships and equipment for different sports and/or other leisure-time activities. 

As the training- and coaching organization Running26 is behind this run in collaboration with the pet food manufacturer Virbac, it is guaranteed that you and your dog will share an unforgettable day together.

Read more about HPM Dirty Paws and BROEN Danmark here.

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