Orbiloc highlights maintenance and sustainability

Safety lights for dogs are often associated with cheap, disposable lights. The Danish manufacturer of the Orbiloc Safety Light rejects “buy and throw away” behaviour and in line with this, Orbiloc now launches the campaign “Don’t Waste”.

The quality lights from Orbiloc are built to last for many years. Now, Orbiloc expands its range of accessories and maintenance articles, so users of the lights can contribute personally to a better environment, while at the same time being visible in the dark.

The combination of safety, security and sustainability appeals to the developers of the Danish quality light. Ever since the first launch a few years back, the small Danish manufacturer has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the thousands of dog owners who have already chosen an Orbiloc Safety Light over a – perhaps – cheaper alternative. The positive feedback is part of the reason why the company has now chosen to increase its focus on sustainable production methods.

The Don’t Waste campaign is due to hit the stores of Orbiloc’s dealers this autumn. It focuses on making it easy for the users to easily maintain their safely light while fighting “buy and throw away” behaviour. Anette Kristensen, Co-founder and Partner in Orbiloc, explains:

“Most people know that we all contribute negatively to the environment. However, there are certain things that we don’t want to live without. Therefore, to most of us, it is a challenge to always pay attention to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions. We do not claim that Orbiloc Safety Lights – or any other electronic products for that matter – are 100 percent sustainable, but I believe that a product that you maintain year after year is far better for the environment than a product you buy and throw away.”

Anette adds: “A lot of people now own Orbiloc lights that have been used for several years. Therefore, this year we are expanding our maintenance kit. Furthermore, we are introducing the Mode Selector Ring to help our customers extend the lifespan of their Orbiloc light even further.”

In order to educate our customers and retailers about maintenance and how to change parts on their Orbiloc Safety Lights, Orbiloc has produced a line of video clips. These video clips will guide users through the different maintenance and mounting options.

Orbiloc accessories: Maintenance
This year, the Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring is launched as part of Orbiloc’s range of maintenance products that further comprises the Orbiloc Service Kit. Even though the Orbiloc light is characterised by high quality and long lifetime, sand, salt water and dirt will expose the light to wear and tear. This may in turn cause the Mode Selector to loosen. The Orbiloc Mode Selector Ring now makes it possible for the user to replace a potentially worn-out Mode Selector, rather than having to purchase a brand new safety light.

Orbiloc accessories: Mounting
With Orbiloc’s various mounting options, the light can be used for multiple purposes, giving the users the possibility to adapt their Orbiloc Safety Lights to their individual needs.

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